Mizo Zirlai Pawl (MZP) and the SU leaders from different college  councils  sat down for a meeting and stated that “a request needs to be raised towards the Government for the  commencement of offline classes”. The meeting decided to wait out until 4th of March,2022 and if the demand is not met by then, actions will be taken to further express their grievances which include peaceful protest outside Vanapa Hall. 

The current Covid-19 guidelines issued by the government stated that classes in schools, colleges and universities must be continued via online mode. Exception has been made for Class X and XII students who will be facing the board exams. 

Classes are being conducted through online mode since the early stages of the pandemic. This is bound to greatly hamper the learning method and quality of education in the state. However, conducting classes offline also comes with its own set of complications, particularly for students outside the AMC area and the state. In the meeting, MZP and SU leaders stated their acknowledgement of the possible complications related to offline classes and demanded that atleast the final semester students be allowed to attend classes offline.