"Lehkhabu Pho Runpui", a mega exhibition of books, organised earlier this week by the Mizo Writers Association, in collaboration with the Art & Culture Department rakes in huge success with sales profit of over ₹9 lakhs.


The event focused mainly on works from Mizo writers, both in English and the Mizo language, seeing atleast 130 individuals and 8 firms in participation.

At the opening ceremony on 25th October, 31 books were launched simultaneously, setting a record for the largest number of books released in one go. 

A collection of some 50 rare books was also available on display from the Tribal Research Institute. 


The top 10 bestsellers :

1. I ti thei - PC Lalremruati

2. Mizo Ṭawng Ziah Dan - Mizo Language Committee

3. Parmawi - John Lalchhanchhuaha

4. Thla Hleinga Zan - James Dokhuma

5. Ṭawng Un Hrilhfiahna - James Dokhuma

6. Pasalṭha te Lunghahna - Sangzuala Pachuau

7. Rilru Far Chhuak - James Dokhuma

8. Hnam Ropuite u, tho r'u le - Lalhruaitluanga Chawngte

9. Zoram Politic Lumlet Dan - A.Thanglura

10. Mizo Thawnthu - PS Dahrawka


Mizo Writers' Association (MWA) is one of the most prominent literary associations in the state and has successfully organized a grand Book Fest and Writers' Meet in the past years.